Janis Green Keast is waging a courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Janis is very weak and unable to muster the energy required to visit. She would like very much to see her many friends but her physical condition cannot tolerate seeing visitors. Wishes and prayers... are appreciated.

Janis' courage and determination have endured through a number of cancer operations over the past several years attempting to reverse her declining health.

Born in January of 1953 Janis has been married to Bob for 38 years . She has been in the heartbeat of their success with Birdsong Resort and Marina in Camden, TN.

Her giving spirit has touched hundreds of visitors to Birdsong. She has worked tirelessly to make her business a joy to her many customers and vendors.

Janis and I greatly appreciate your support and concern during this difficult time. We value our friends, and the friendship of our numerous customers - many of whom have been visitors to Birdsong Resort for several generations.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Janis.
Bob Keast